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Friday April 19th to Sunday 21st

Registration now closed - EVENT SOLD OUT

5 Round Swiss - ECF Rated, FIDE Rated Open

The Ryde Castle Hotel, Esplanade, Ryde PO33 1JA Isle of Wight

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THE OPEN - Above 1800 ECF/FIDE Rated, £38

1st Place £325 + Trophy

2nd Place £150

3rd Place £100

               Best U16 £100

CHAMPIONSHIP - Below 1900  ECF Rated, £35

1st Place £125 + Trophy

2nd Place £85

3rd Place £50

               Best U16 £60

CHALLENGER -  Below 1400 ECF Rated, £32

1st Place £75 + Trophy

2nd Place £45

3rd Place £25

               Best U16 £40

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Time control

90 min + 30 seconds 

Introductions - Friday 19th April 4.45pm

Game 1 - Friday 19th April 5pm

Game 2 - Saturday 20th April 10am

Game 3 - Saturday 20th April 3pm

Blitz (optional) - Saturday 20th April 8pm

Game 4 - Sunday 21st April 10am

Game 5 - Sunday 21st April 3pm

GM Simul - Sunday 21st April 8pm

Additional Prizes:

                      Best IOW Player £150

Best Women's Player £50

Best Isle of Wight over 65 £50

(Prizes based on performance rating)

Presentation and optional social drinks around 7pm on the Sunday. Followed by a simul with Keith Arkell.


All sections will play according to the FIDE laws of chess

Placing determined by tie break to provide a clear winner and ranking. In the unlikely event of there still being a tie for a first place section trophy, a 3+2 Blitz will determine the Trophy winner. Cash prizes will be split if still tied after tie break.

Default time 30 mins after scheduled start of play.

Players can receive more than one cash prize. Such as 1st and best Under 16.

A Chess Congress on the beach! And in a castle! Sun, chess, sea... Isle of Wight.

Join us this spring for the inaugural edition of the Isle of Wight Chess Congress. You will play in a historic castle hotel opposite Ryde beach. You can get here by foot, take the train to Portsmouth Harbour and catch the Fast Cat boat to arrive at the hotel in under 35 minutes. 20% discount is available on the ferry after booking your congress place.

Travel & Accommodation

Our sponsors Wightlink, have generously provided a discount on both foot and car ferry travel for the chess event. Please reply to your confirmation email to request this as the codes are unique per use.

Hotels: Ryde is a seaside destination with many local hotels and great rates out of season. The venue itself has a limited number of rooms. Our regular club venue The Yelf's Hotel is a short walk away (10 min walk) and has great room rates from around £70 per night incl breakfast 01983 564062.

The playing venue The Ryde Castle Hotel is now sold out.


The Royal Esplanade Hotel (2 min walk) is just along the seafront from the playing venue 01983 562549:

Single room £96.00 per night incl breakfast

Classic double / twin room based on 2 people sharing £113.00 per night

/ £105.00 for sole occupancy per night incl breakfast


Foot Passengers: Use the FastCat (22 mins) - From Portsmouth to Ryde. The Ferry Terminal is located within Portsmouth Harbour Train Station. You will arrive on Ryde Pier, a train usually departs approx. 5 mins later which will take you to the end of the pier. Alternatively, weather and luggage depending this is a fantastic 10 min walk down the pier. The venue is then a two minute walk away on your left/east. You can also book a local cab by using the taxi phone in the Portsmouth terminal. Ferry's depart just after the hour at either 15 or 20 past. Try to arrive around the hour mark by train to avoid waiting around. Ferry time table.

Car travel: A similar discount is available for car travel or foot passengers on the car ferry (45 mins). This travels from Portsmouth (different departure terminal) to Fishbourne, which is a 10 minute drive from the venue. 

Private Boat/ Sail Boat: For the more nautically inclined, Ryde Marina is opposite the playing venue and has reasonable mooring rates: 01983 613879.

Our Sponsors and supporters:

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Shohreh Bayat

Chief Arbiter - WFM 2092

Shohreh Bayat is an Iranian chess arbiter based in England. She was chief arbiter of the Women's World Chess Championship 2020. Bayat is an International Arbiter for FIDE. She was awarded an International Women of Courage Award in 2021.

keith arkell chess.jpg

GM Keith Arkell

2371 FIDE - Playing in The Open

Winner of the 2021 Online British Chess Championship. Keith also won the English Chess Championship in 2008. In 2014 he was European Senior (50+) Champion, and, later in the year, tied for first in the World Senior (50+) Championship, receiving a the silver medal on tie-break. It's an honour to have such an experienced and resepected player join us.

harry grieve 2.jpg

IM Harry Grieve

2470 FIDE - Playing in The Open

Winner of the 2022 British Chess Championship. Achieving FM title in 2018 and IM in 2022. The 23 year old is one of the rising stars in British Chess. We are honoured to have him on the island.

Entries to date:

Final ratings based on April 1st 2024.

You may not play in a section below the highest of your FIDE, ECF or equivalent international rating. You may be moved up a section should your rating increase out of the bracket and you will need the applicable ECF membership level as below.

Ratings show highest of ECF/FIDE.

The Open
Ratings above 1800
Capacity x24
ecf logo white isle of wight chess.png

  1. 2515 (ECF), IM Harry Grieve, RGS Guildford

  2. 2435 (ECF), GM Keith Arkell, Cheddleton

  3. 2374 (ECF), FM Roland Bezuidenhout, Fareham

  4. 2295 (FIDE), FM Neil Dickenson, Isle of Wight

  5. 2206 (ECF), Kushal Jakhria, Charlton

  6. 2183 (ECF), Jan Murawski, Oxfordshire

  7. 2162 (FIDE), FM John Readey, United States

  8. 2143 (ECF), Jai Kothari, Hampton School

  9. 2108 (ECF), Vinuda Gunathilake, Chichester

  10. 2075 (ECF), Sebastien Chua, Malaysia

  11. 2025 (ECF), WIM Natasha Regan, Barbican

  12. 2011 (ECF), John Wrench, Kidderminster

  13. 2011 (ECF), Shambavi Hariharan, Oxford City

  14. 1970 (FIDE), Sanjit S Kumar, Richmond

  15. 1947 (FIDE), WFM Marigje Degrande, Belgium

  16. 1926 (ECF), Adam Sefton, Guildford

  17. 1925 (ECF), Francis Best, Shrewsbury

  18. 1922 (ECF), Zac Welling, Guildford

  19. 1921 (ECF), Raymond Wynarczyk, Northumberland

  20. 1905 (ECF), David Collyer, Southampton University

  21. 1886 (FIDE), Hao Ran Leung, Hong Kong

  22. 1830 (FIDE), Andrew Tan, Oxford University

  23. 1817 (FIDE), Sai Vigneash SM, MMCA

  24. 1772P (ECF), Joel Lloyd, Isle of Wight

(Players rated Under 1800 in both FIDE & ECF on 1st April 2024 may be moved to the Championship & refunded £3, depending on overall entries and space)

Ratings below 1900 
Capacity x26 
ecf logo white isle of wight chess.png

  1. 1837 (ECF), Richard Edney, Isle of Wight

  2. 1825 (FIDE), John Baguley, St Albans

  3. 1748 (ECF), Samuel Morris, Ireland 

  4. 1714 (ECF), Anthony Stanton, Brighton & Hove

  5. 1694 (FIDE), Susan Chadwick, Brighton & Hove

  6. 1645 (ECF), Cecil Sloan, Greater London

  7. 1618 (FIDE), Arnob Dutta, London NW

  8. 1549 (FIDE), Aiden Burnside, E Grinstead Bookshop

  9. 1541 (ECF), Peter Eales, Chandler's Ford

  10. 1500 (FIDE), Rob Coles, Wiltshire

  11. 1492 (FIDE), Keith Hylands, GLCC

  12. 1481 (ECF), Theo Horne, Chandler's Ford

  13. 1474 (FIDE), Diah Patel, Warickshire

  14. 1472 (ECF), Charles Charalambous, Isle of Wight

  15. 1452 (ECF), Phil Stevens, Isle of Wight

  16. 1397 (ECF), David Williams, Isle of Wight

  17. 1656P (ECF) Clive Bowley, Isle of Wight

  18. 1625P (ECF), Jame Sutherland, New England

  19. 1610P (ECF), Kevin Flux, Isle of Wight

  20. 1607 Rapid (ECF), Richard Barnes, Isle of Wight

  21. 1563P Rapid (ECF), Ryan Scott, Southampton

  22. Not rated, Harry Vernon, Isle of Wight

  23. Not rated, Neil Pither, Isle of Wight

  24. Not rated, Donna Chant, Freshwater

  25. Not rated, Vassos Georgiou, Isle of Wight

  26. Not rated, Michael Gidley, Isle of Wight

Ratings below 1400
Capacity x22
ecf logo white isle of wight chess.png

  1. 1362 (ECF), Gregory Kornilovich, Coventry Ac

  2. 1351 (ECF), Keven Lamb, Chandler's Ford

  3. 1201 (ECF), Richard Kulibaev, Sevenoaks

  4. 1774P (ECF), Dave Walker, Isle of Wight

  5. 1364P (ECF), Sebastian Redenz, Metropolitan

  6. 888P (ECF), Shaantanu Sawant-Roy, Isle of Wight

  7. 1220P Rapid (ECF), Grace Stevens, Isle of Wight

  8. Not rated, Carl Sheeran, Isle of Wight

  9. Not rated, Kelly Sloan-Murphy, Isle of Wight

  10. Not rated, Darren Cooke, Isle of Wight

  11. Not rated, Romain Jonneau, Isle of Wight

  12. Not rated, Robbie Shields, Isle of Wight

  13. Not rated, Logan, Wareham, Isle of Wight

  14. Not rated. Om Gohel, Isle of Wight

  15. Not rated. Andy Buckman, Isle of Wight

  16. Not rated, Erfaan Sharif, Isle of Wight 

  17. Not rated, Robeena Shepherd, Isle of Wight 

  18. Not rated, Ken Watson, Isle of Wight 

  19. Not rated, John Oglander, Isle of Wight 

  20. Not rated, Alexander Short, Isle of Wight 

  21. Not rated, Harry Holland, Isle of Wight 

  22. Not rated, Andy Luo, Isle of Wight 

(Players rated over 1400 in either FIDE or ECF, including in OTB Rapid or Blitz, on 1st April 2024 will be moved to the Championship)

smokey chess (1).jpg
FIDE Rated Blitz
Saturday 20th April, 8pm
ecf logo white isle of wight chess.png
Register by 7pm on the day
Players not in the room at 7.45pm will not be paired for R1
(Start may delay to 9pm if any R3 games still playing)
Entry £10 / FREE for titled players

Prize pool is 50% of entries
Based on x30 players (may be more or less):
  1. £75
  2. £50
  3. £25
7 Rounds Swiss
3+2 Blitz
Estimated all games played and event ends by 10.30pm.
Registered Blitz Players
One Open 
Capacity x50

Morris, Samuel

Arkell, Keith

Coles, Rob

Vernon, Harry

Patel, Diah

Horne, Theo

Scott, Ryan

Tan, Andrew

Shambavi, Hariharan

Sheeran, Carl

Hao, Ran Leung

Sawant-Roy, Shaantanu

Kothari, Jai,

keith arkell background 2.png
Simul with GM Keith Arkell
Sunday 21st April, 8pm
Register by 7.30pm on the day
Capacity x25 players
Free to spectate
Signed copies of Keith's book will be available to purchase

Entry £10 


No clocks, Unrated
Clocks introduced for final players standing / to ensure end by 10.30pm

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