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New Weekly Club Events on Lichess

Updated: Apr 23

We have started a new Isle of Wight Club on Lichess. It allows far more control over tournament settings than chess . com. We can, for example, set start times, which allows for longer play without the next round instantly starting when all players finish.

Very happy to take input from players on the best times they wish to play. Do not worry at all if this isn't for you.

Hopefully this will open up the club to new players who cannot make the in person meet ups and especially to younger players that are more used to online play.

Lichess is fantastic for club/team play. However this isn't easy to find on the app. I recommend playing on web browser either on your phone or laptop.

So far we have:

Every Tuesday, 8pm

5+5 Blitz Swiss.

5 Rounds

Should take around an hour.

Every Sunday, 6pm

(Skipping 21st April Congress Sunday)

30 + 15 Swiss.

Only one game per week.

This will be on every week and the tournament will repeat, not so much about winning but more about getting to play longer formats regular. Play when you are avail and fancy it.

Both of the above will be ECF online rated. I will introduce unrated events later. If you play and do not have an ECF profile, please email with your full name and DOB.

We will also aim to bring in a monthly special and irregular tournaments + matches with Hampshire and other teams.

Thanks, see you there!



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