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Result Table: Casual Ryde Rapid Chess - 8th December 2023

Fun night at the Yelf's Hotel in Ryde last Friday with 8 players playing 5 rounds of Rapid 10+5 with Swiss pairings.

Reg Barnes took the win with 4.5 out of 5 and takes home an Isle of Wight Chess mug for first place.

Darren Cook was the only player to take points from Reg, playing as white in Round 3.

It came down to the wire in the final round with Derek needing a win and and Reg to lose in order to take the title, Darren also had a chance to tie first if Reg should lose. Reg saw off strong play from Romain and managed to cement the victory.

Here's the final table:

(Lightfoot will have to turn up slightly less hungover next week and try to improve on zero points... )

Join us again, for free for casual Rapid play on Friday 15th December. First round starts 6.30pm (can join late but won't get points for missed rounds). Should end by 9pm. Will go down to 10+2 this time to speed it along.

For a full day of formal Rapid with prizes, check out the Ryde Rapid Cup on 20th Jan. Tickets are £10 which covers the cost of the room and prizes. 10 players signed up so far, capacity 30.



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