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The Ryde Rapid Chess Tournament on 20th Jan: A great introduction for beginners

On Saturday 20th Jan, Isle of Wight Chess are hosting the first Rapid tournament in Ryde. While it might seem a little scary to new players it's a very relaxed format without strict rules. This will be a great chance for players who are new to tournaments to get a taster of what a rated formal event might feel like. But you do not need to have a rating or ECF membership yet to play. It will be in the main function room at the Yelf's Hotel, not the usual bar room we meet in on Fridays. Giving it a more grand feeling like a congress, but still with the relaxed friendly environment that we have on Fridays. Come along and meet local chess players.

After 2nd Jan tickets will go up to £14.50, ideally we want to sell most of the tickets early so we can buy enough clocks and make sure we are covering the cost of the room and have enough boards.

This event will be unrated but prizes are available. The clock settings are 15 minutes each + 10 seconds added time for each move. This means games will run for around 40 mins on average, just like playing a friend without a clock.

You will not be required to record your games with notation but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

If you are fairly new to chess and do not think your game is quite ready, don't worry about it. If you lose a game you will play someone who also lost. And this goes on until the end so games will get easier as you go and eventually you will play someone at the same level as you. But you never know, you might be great and you might see yourself climbing the table and playing stronger and stronger players, this is the thrill of playing in a 5 round swiss pairing tournament, you always have something to work towards. Come along and find out.

If we can get enough players for this we will move onto rated events and hopefully attract players from the mainland (and we can take their ratings!).

Hopefully see you there, you can see a full list of players signed up so far here



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